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Don’t have time to shop for fresh produce 3-4 times a week?

Here are some tips on how to buy at your weekly farmers market to keep produce fresh and crisp.

  1. Buy fresh and local. Chances are if it has been recently picked (and not spent a week or two in a truck or warehouse), it will keep in your fridge for the week.
  2. Buy what you can consume in one week.
  3. When you put away your produce, don’t pack drawers or shelves tightly. Fresh fruits and veggies need room to breathe. Stacking one layer deep is optimal.
  4. Keep fruits and vegetables stored separately. Fruits emit a gas that ripens both fruits and vegetables. Keep overripe fruits away from fresher fruits and vegetables
  5. Putting fruits or vegetables in an airtight, plastic bag will cause them to decay. (Some fruits ripen nicely in a brown paper bag!)
  6. Eat the most perishable items first, such as eating asparagus and raspberries before jumping into the cauliflower and apples.

It all looks wonderful at the weekly farmers market. And, with a little planning around what to buy, what you buy can be fresh and tasty all week long!

[Credit to Casey Seidenberg, The Washington Post]